The new ILO Skills and Lifelong Learning Knowledge Sharing Platform help users with different knowledge needs (e.g. policy advisors, employers, training institutions, academics) find the information and analysis they want. For each “topic”, information is organized as a pyramid of knowledge products, starting from a base of statistics and comprehensive research reports to national skills policies and concise policy alternatives at the apex.

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ILO Workshop at the Global Lifelong Learning Summit: Micro-credentials promoting lifelong learning and careers

Micro-credentials are becoming increasingly popular tools to recognise the completion of bite-size learning activities, particularly  in non-formal and informal contexts, making proof of acquired learning outcomes. While they are not new, they have gained greater visibility in recent years, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The turn to digital work and learning accelerated the transition from physical to digital and hybrid skills syst..

MOOC on combating forced labour through skills and lifelong learning

Introduction to the course The MOOC specifically addresses how to design education and training interventions tailored to the needs of people who may be at risk of or have directly experienced forms of modern slavery, such as forced labour or trafficking for labour exploitation. This MOOC is part of the ITC-ILO's training offer on skills development and fundamental principles and rights at work. Who attends this course? The MOOC i..

Community of Practice on Forced Labour in Africa

More information: consult the agenda attached. Zoom link Meeting ID: 939 1228 2964

MEETING THE FUTURE TODAY: Competence development for the European guidance community

Guidance professionals today need the capacity to address themes such as the changing labour market, post-Covid recovery and the transitions into a more digital and green society. The conference will bring together stakeholders from European and international guidance communities to consider how to build necessary competences amongst professionals.Time: 9.30 - 17.00 Event Page Contact: 

Progress in the professionalisation of career development in SADC countries

The webinar will present progress relating to competencies, qualifications, and designations of Career Development Practitioners. It will also look at the functions of professional bodies for Career Development Practitioners in SADC countries.Themes to be discussed: Competencies, qualifications, and designations of Career Development Practitioners The functions of a professional body for Career Development Practitioners in SADC countries Con..
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