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This website aims to strengthen the links between education, training, and productive and decent work. It does this through sharing knowledge, information, tools and experiences from a range of international organizations and representatives of government, and employers’ and workers’ organizations.

This website has been created through cooperation by the ILO, UNESCO, the OECD and the World Bank and in an effort to pool relevant knowledge on skills for employment.

ILO/UNESCO: A review of entitlement systems for lifelong learning

This paper presents the results of an international literature review of how countries have introduced systems and initiatives to provide individuals with an entitlement to lifelong learning.

ILO/UNESCO: The digitization of TVET and skills systems

This report draws on consultations with key stakeholders in a set of countries and international organizations to provide insights into the nature and scope of digitalization and how it is likely to affect the management, delivery, assessment and certification of technical and vocational education and training.

ILO Toolkit for Quality Apprenticeships, Volume 2: Guide for Practitioners

This volume offers comprehensive, practical guidance to developing and implementing apprenticeship programmes. It combines diverse national good practices with ILO experience, it includes over 125 tools and guides from more than 40 countries and institutions worldwide.

What's new

EN_skills partnerships on migration
  • Skills partnerships on migration

    The ILO conducted 13 country studies and two sub-regional studies identifying the potential for skills partnerships on migration between different countries and key skills institutions.

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EN_skills rapid assesment COVID19
  • Rapid STED: A practical guide

    This guide aims to speed the process, to deepen collaboration, and to build capacity among national and sector partners to improve skills strategies.

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  • ILO: COVID-19 and the world of work

    The ILO and its constituents will play a crucial role in combating the outbreak, ensuring the safety of individuals and the sustainability of businesses and jobs.

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9 November 2020,  to  12 November 2020 , Berlin

European Vocational Skills Week is one tool that can help address some of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic facing...

12 October 2020,  to  11 December 2020 , Online

This course is designed to facilitate the development of a holistic understanding of the management of vocational training centres...

20 September 2020,  to  29 October 2020 , Turin, Italy

Skills are a key component that help nations unlock economic development and prosperity. A sectoral approach to skills matching re...

17 August 2020,  to  4 September 2020 , Turin, Italy

The course will highlight the latest guidelines developed by the ILO with regard to measuring skills mismatches, while also emphas...

11 August 2020,  to  , Virtual event

The theme for this year's Day is “Youth Engagement for Global Action”. It seeks to highlight the ways in which the engagement of y...

5 August 2020,  to  ,

This webinar will be held during the free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Quality Apprenticeships, conducted on the ITC/ILO e...

Portals and other resources

  • SKILLS Panorama 

    Skills Panorama, powered by CEDEFOP, turns labour market data into accurate and timely intelligence to offer new insights into skill needs in the European Union.

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  • Decent Jobs for Youth knowledge facility

    The Decent Jobs for Youth knowledge facility is a digital platform of tools, publications, databases, thematic resources and more to support evidence-informed action on youth employment.

  • Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification

    STED provides guidance for the integration of skills development in sectoral policies. The programme is designed to support growth and decent employ­ment creation in sectors that have the potential to increase exports and contribute to economic diversification.

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  • ILO-Norway Partnership on Skills Development

    Skills development is an essential prerequisite for youth employment and sustainable development. Moreover, skills are important to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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EN_UIL Platform
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  • International Training Centre

    The Centre is the training arm of the International Labour Organization (ILO). It provides training in subjects that further the ILO's pursuit of decent work for all.

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Why do skills matter

Why do skills matter

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