The new ILO Skills and Lifelong Learning Knowledge Sharing Platform help users with different knowledge needs (e.g. policy advisors, employers, training institutions, academics) find the information and analysis they want. For each “topic”, information is organized as a pyramid of knowledge products, starting from a base of statistics and comprehensive research reports to national skills policies and concise policy alternatives at the apex.

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E-learning course on skills for a greener future

The overall objective of this online course is to build the capacity of policy makers, social partners, TVET and similar training institutions and civil society organisations to formulate and implement strategies that contribute to improving the employability of women and men in emerging green industries. The course helps to understand the skills challenges in greening economies and identify opportunities to design and implement quality green TVE..

Global academy on the green economy

The Academy on the Green Economy gathers policymakers, UN agencies and non-state actors to share country efforts and experiences towards a more sustainable, inclusive and green recovery. Many governments have pledged to include green recovery measures in their policies to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. But what is really happening on the ground? What challenges do governments encounter in their efforts to build back better? What are the ways h..

ITC/ILO: E-learning course on the skills dimensions of labour migration

Who attends this course? Experts in skills development and migration, in particular policy-makers and technical advisors; representatives of workers' and employers' organizations; representatives of local authorities and other state actors; experts and technical staff from NGOs and other civil society organizations. What topics does this course cover? This course focuses on the skills-related components of policies and progra..

Skills for social cohesion and peaceful coexistence

The guide was piloted in Turkey as part of the ILO’s Refugee response programme, and in Kenya, Ethiopia, Jordan and Uganda under the Partnership for improving prospects for forcibly displaced persons and host communities (PROSPECTS). The guide shall be systematically included in TVET curricula and delivery in fragile contexts and be a resource to support skills and employment interventions.The guide is aimed at TVET practitioners to strengt..

Technical meeting on the future of work in the education sector in the context of lifelong learning for all, skills and the Decent Work Agenda

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