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Call for Expression of Interest in professional training in Career Guidance
Date de publication: 06 oct. 2021
Source: Institutions académiques-University of Malta

On-line, part-time Master in Lifelong Career Guidance specifically for the MENA region


Career guidance (or ‘vocational guidance’) has been adopted in several countries in the world because it:

  • helps young people and adults choose their educational and employment pathways more wisely;
  • leads to appropriate choices that ensure more motivated students and more productive and satisfied workers;
  • facilitates a better match between the demand and supply of skills.


Career guidance services are greatly needed in the MENA region. They can be part of the strategy to address the twin challenge of high youth and adult unemployment on the one hand, and skills gaps on the other. They can also foster social inclusion through giving access to a livelihood.


The University of Malta – with the expert support of the European Training Foundation (ETF), the International Labour Organization (ILO), and the UNESCO-UNITWIN Network – has issued a Call for the Expression of Interest for those who would like to receive professional training in career guidance.


The Master course is designed in such a way as to

  • take into account the economic, labour market, educational and cultural realities of the MENA region;
  • provide participants with the interdisciplinary theoretical background and practical experience needed in order to design, deliver, and evaluate lifelong career guidance services;
  • promote regional expertise in policy development, systems-building, and practitioner competence. 


Individuals as well as public and private entities interested in the Masters can



Scholarships, in the form of partial fee waivers, are being offered by the University of Malta to deserving applicants.

Employment plan 2014: Saudi Arabia
Date de publication: 13 avril 2015
Source: Autres sources
The transformation of the Saudi Arabian economy is one of the success stories of the past few decades. The path of its development has been a particularly unique one, which requires rigorous analysis to understand the current situation and the way forward to continue its prosperity. In this context, the Ministry of Labor has a goal to enhance the skills of the Saudi workforce, especially for the youth. Indeed, the principal mechanism by which Saudi Arabia seeks to specifically address its challenge of youth unemployment. A particular focus has been driving greater job readiness for the private sector, where the majority of workers are currently foreign workers. For youth there are key skill development programs, namely Career Education, On the Job training and Colleges of Excellence, whilst there are also courses targeted at wider participation. This plan introduces the current successes and challenges of Employment in Saudi Arabia.