A review of skills levy systems in countries of the Southern African Development Community
Date de publication: 14 août 2020
Source: OIT
The report includes an international literature review of levy systems globally to inform the country research which involved secondary data analysis, an online survey, and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders in the eight countries involved. The research drew on the views of representatives from government, the organizations managing the training funds, workers’ organizations and employers’ organizations. The report makes high level recommendations on levy based training funds in general as well as for the eight national training funds reviewed which are documented through country briefs in Part B of this report.

The report was developed through a partnership between the ILO Skills & Employability Branch and the ILO Decent Work Team for Eastern and Southern Africa.
Postal services & telecommunications sector skills plan
Date de publication: 28 nov. 2019
Source: Institutions d'EFTP, Gouvernements
The Postal Services and Telecommunications SSP is a ‘roadmap’ to address skills development priorities in the sector. It focuses on profiling the sector, identifying skills in demand, analysing supply-side education and training provision, determining skills priorities and putting together an action plan for improving the skills profile of the workforce.

The SSP serves as a guiding framework for the Namibia Training Authority, employers, trade unions, training providers, public entities, civil society, international partners and local communities to spell out the priorities for upskilling workers in the sector.
Skills for green jobs: Occupational changes in the green economy
Date de publication: 06 oct. 2016
Source: OIT
This fact sheet analyses the potential occupational changes from a transition towards a green economy in Namibia.
Review of Agricultural Technical Vocational Education and Training (ATVET) in Africa - Best practices from Benin, Ethiopia, Namibia and Sierra Leone
Date de publication: 11 nov. 2015
Source: Organisations bilatérales
Within the overall Programme to “Support Pan-African Reform Processes in Agricultural Development (NEPAD/CAADP)”, supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), a new project called “Promotion of Technical Vocational Education and Training for the Agricultural Sector in Africa (ATVET)” has been launched by the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) Planning and Coordination Agency (NPCA) and the CAADP-Secretariat in 2012.

In order to review existing ATVET activities, to identify best practices and to provide recommendations for further implementation of the GIZ/NPCA ATVET project, four countries were selected for a stocktaking exercise: Benin, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Namibia. As an outcome of this review, a number of opportunities and best practices and also gaps in the ATVET system in the four countries, were identified. This brochure summarises the findings of the study.