Lesotho: National strategic development plan 2012/13 – 2016/17: Growth and development strategic framework
Date de publication: 16 mars 2016
Source: Gouvernements
This National Strategic Development Plan represents renewed commitment and strategic guidance towards the creation of a development environment that is characterised by political stability, effective development management that permits the attainment of social, economic and environmental goals and a competitive investment climate that results in high employment creation and prosperity for all.

To achieve the National Vision 2020 goals, to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development, the main goals of the National Strategic Development plan will be to:

- Pursue high, shared and employment creating economic growth;

- Develop key infrastructure;

- Enhance the skills base, technology adoption and foundation for innovation;

- Improve health, combat HIV and AIDS and reduce vulnerability;

- Reverse environmental degradation and adapt to climate change and

- Promote peace, democratic governance and build effective institutions.
Education, employment and barriers for young people with disabilities in southern Africa
Date de publication: 06 nov. 2012
Source: Organisations internationales
This background paper draws from recent and unique research on living conditions among people with and without disabilities in southern Africa. It confirms that disabled youth are far from experiencing equity in education and opportunities in the labor market. The study concludes that understanding the distinction between the general problems in the education system in poor countries on one side, and the particular problems facing disabled youth on the other is critical to improving this situation. Without targeting disabled youth particularly to increase access and improve achievement, there is clearly a danger that broad programs for improving the educational system will fail if disabled youth, a large and most neglected minority group, are not included both through general and specific measures. The study also reveals some of the complexities involved in the relationship between disability, education and participation in society through meaningful employment. In order to achieve the intentions of the UN Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities it is, however, necessary that interventions into the education system to improve the quality and the relevance go hand-in-hand with research that can generate further knowledge on barriers and facilitators for disabled youth to participate fully.