Guyana: Policy on Technical and Vocational Education and Training 2009-2014
Date de publication: 19 mars 2013
Source: Gouvernements
The Policy on Technical and Vocational Education and Training 2009 – 2014 focuses on technological and human resource development, and particularly on equal opportunity of access for males and females.
For that purpose, the Policy sets the following goals for TVET:
• Meet the need for highly skilled craftsmen and technicians through education and training during and after the secondary level;
• Make education and training opportunities available to all regardless of ethnic origin, sex, scholastic ability, aptitude, or place of residence;
• Develop competencies needed for successful transition from school to work with emphasis on leadership and personal employability skills;
• Ensure that students/trainees acquire competencies needed for employment or self- employment in occupations of their choice and for which there are employment opportunities;
• Promote programmes which are developed through collective efforts with business, industry, and government, and which effectively use public and private resources;
• Provide training or retraining for workers whose skills and technical knowledge must be updated as well as those whose jobs will be made redundant due to increasing efficiency, automation, or economic change;
• Expand the Technical and Vocational Education and Training programmes consistent with employment possibilities and national economic needs.