Barbados human resource development strategy 2011-2016: Developing national, institutional and human capacity for sustainable growth
Date de publication: 13 juil. 2016
Source: Gouvernements
The Government of Barbados continues to place considerable emphasis on the development of human and social capital, particularly through significant investment in education and related services. The Government is committed to increasing the number of secondary school leavers with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and competencies to successfully enter the job market or to embark on an economic enterprise. There is a focus on creating a labour force that can meet the changing demands of an open economy increasingly impacted by dynamic external forces. Further, the Government is cognisant of the growing need for specialised skills in emerging areas such as offshore financial and business development, tourism management, and agro-processing.

This Strategy is based on international best practice and adopts a holistic and multi-sector approach that embraces lifelong learning and strengthens links between education and the world of work. It further establishes cross-sectoral links among the lead human resource development agencies and focuses on synergies, knowledge sharing, and complementarities of financing mechanisms.