Supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs in Angola
Date de publication: 08 juil. 2015
Source: Organisations internationales, Employeurs
In recent years Angola has experienced high growth rates and is set to continue on this path, mainly driven by its oil sector. Yet, growth has been capital intensive, import dependent and has not created enough employment for a fast growing population. Unemployment is estimated at 26%, and many people work in subsistence agriculture or the informal economy. In order to support much-needed job creation and economic diversification, the Government embarked on a major reform of the education system to better equip youth for the future.

In 2010 Chevron, one of the world’s leading energy companies, contributed funding of USD 1 million to a partnership initiative to introduce entrepreneurship as a subject in secondary schools in Angola. Supporting the Government of Angola’s education reform endeavours, the Entrepreneurship Curriculum Programme aims to develop entrepreneurship skills among young people, building the foundation of a sustainable and dynamic private sector.A description of this project worked in in partnership with UNIDO is provided in the information brochure below.