Vocational education and training and innovation
Publication Date: 07 Jul 2020
Source: TVET institutions
This book of readings was commissioned to enable a better understanding of the past, present and future role of the Australian vocational education and training (VET) sector in business innovation. This collection considers what the innovation process in business means for Australian workers and identifies the contributions of the VET system. International comparisons offer insights into those elements missing or under-emphasised in the current Australian innovation system. Finally, strategies to enable the VET sector to engage with business innovation are illustrated through examples.
The role of intermediary organisations in apprenticeship systems
Publication Date: 28 Oct 2019
Source: ILO
Intermediary organizations in apprenticeships are those which act on behalf of, link, or mediate between the main parties – apprentices and employers. An intermediary organization in apprenticeship systems is thus one that undertakes one or more of the following activities: employs apprentices as a third-party employer; trains apprentices as part of a specific arrangement with groups of employers; or undertakes other apprentice support activities on behalf of an employer or a specified group of employers. This discussion paper highlights different ways of classifying intermediary organizations, provides examples of different types of intermediary organisations and examines the different roles they can play to support the effective operation of apprenticeship systems. In particular, the report includes brief case studies of intermediary organisations in Australia, India, England.
Indigenous employment and skills strategies in Australia
Publication Date: 08 Oct 2019
Source: International organizations
Innovative ways of working with Indigenous Australians are needed to improve their employment prospects, especially as many work in jobs that are most likely to be impacted by digitalisation and automation in the future. This report considers both quantitative and qualitative data regarding employment, skills, and entrepreneurship opportunities for Indigenous Australians. A number of case studies were undertaken with employment and training providers in the cities of Sydney and Perth to gain insights into the delivery of employment and skills programmes targeted to Indigenous Australians. The report highlights critical success factors to better link Indigenous Australians to high quality jobs while also providing recommendations regarding future employment and skills programming.

Future skills and training: a practical resource to help identify future skills and training
Publication Date: 23 Sep 2019
Source: Employers' organizations
This resource is intended to stimulate discussion amongst Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) in considering future changes to Training Packages. In addition, broader VET stakeholders will find it useful for preparing their particular sectors to meet the future skills needs of business, learners and workers.