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Skills for green transition/climate action

The growing importance of sustainable development and the shift to a low-carbon and climateresilient economy will require new skills and qualifications, offering great potential for the creation of green jobs but also implying structural changes and a transformation of existing jobs. The transition to a low-carbon and greener economy will generate millions of new jobs, negatively affect some high-emitting sectors, and alter most existing occupations in terms of task compositions and skills requirements. 

Ensuring the right skills for green jobs is a prerequisite to make the transition to a greener economy happen. Today, skills gaps are already recognised as a major bottleneck in a number of sectors, such as renewable energy, energy and resource efficiency, green building or environmental services. The adoption and dissemination of clean technologies require skills in technology application, adaptation and maintenance. Skills are also crucial for economies and
businesses, workers and entrepreneurs to rapidly adapt to changes deriving from climate change and environmental policies.