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WorldSkills Conference 2017 - Skills strategies for a globalized world

The Conference provides a forum where you can help shape the global skills agenda, with other leading figures from industry, governments, international organizations, and academia.

Type : Conference
When : 15 October 2017 - 16 October 2017
Where : ADNEC Abu Dhabi, UAE
The advent of the fourth industrial revolution means that we must prepare urgently for dramatic changes to the way that we learn, live, and work.

The connectivity of cyber-physical systems is transforming the needs of society and employers — and breaking down the limits of national borders. There is a danger that the demand for new skills, to match future industries, may outpace the provision of appropriate training and education. So how should the VET sector respond to the continuous developments of emerging technologies? How should we promote international cooperation? And, what will be the future of skills in an era when borders have become less of an obstacle to movement?

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ADNEC Abu Dhabi, UAE

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