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Lifelong Learning Week 2020

Rendez-vous in the European Parliament for a whole week of debates, discussions, roundtables with decision-makers and knowledge-sharing!

Type : Event
When : 29 November 2020 - 3 December 2020
Where : Bruxelles, Belgium
Lifelong learning covers education and training across all ages and in all areas of life. It enables citizen’s emancipation and full participation in society in its civic, political, social and economic dimensions. A humanistic and holistic approach of learning, from the cradle to the grave, is of continued relevance in today’s world and a viable foundation for the rethinking of education. The Lifelong Learning Week aims to raise awareness on the fact that lifelong learning answers many challenges of modern societies. Fostering a comprehensive approach to education is especially important when it comes to building learning societies, by making sure that our citizens are fully equipped with the competences they need in the 21st century. The paradigm shift to lifelong learning means recognising that learning is taking place in various contexts – be it formal, non-formal and informal. It implies changing the ways we provide and receive education, the ways we assess learning and the ways we work and live together.

During the LLLWeek, participants will be taken into the topic of choice, starting from the context in which lifelong learning and education operate in our current (unsustainable) context. We will subsequently dwell into the policy framework that is supposed to provide the tools useful to read our society and the changes it bears. Different approaches can be deepened, as they all build up to the same overarching objective:
- Learning that empowers – the future of learning
- Learning that matters – The future of skills
- Learning that lasts – Sustainable learning

In fact, all of these will contribute to the goal that the Lifelong Learning Platform has always been pursuing: better (and more sustainable) societies through education and lifelong learning.

To learn more and to register click on the link provided below.

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