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ILO Webinar: Skills development and Lifelong Learning: the Role of Trade Unions

The webinar will take place on Wednesday,18th of November from 12h - 13.30h (CET)

Type : Webinar
When : 17 November 2020,
Where : Online
Skills development and lifelong learning systems that are human-centered, based on international labour standards (ILS) and the engagement of social partners through social dialogue, are key to build a better normal in the post-COVID world.

It is in this context that the Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV), in collaboration with the Skills & Employability Branch (SKILLS), are organizing the webinar “Skills development and Lifelong Learning: the Role of Trade Unions”.

The webinar is also the occasion for the launch of the “Skills Development and Lifelong Learning: Resource Guide for Workers’ Organizations”.

Both the webinar and the resource guide address key questions for trade unions:
Why should trade unions be involved in skills development and lifelong learning?
What are best practices of trade union involvement at different policy levels, and on the various issues at stake?
What are the key priorities for trade unions?
What are the main challenges to enhance involvement?

This webinar is part of a comprehensive ILO program of support for trade unions in preparation of the General Discussion on Skills and Lifelong Learning (International Labour Conference, 2021), and Standard-setting on Apprenticeships (International Labour Conference, 2022-23).

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Portability of skills and life-long learning

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