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ILO webinar on labour market relevance and quality assurance of apprenticeships

This webinar will be held during the free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Quality Apprenticeships, conducted on the ITC/ILO e-campus platform.

Type : Webinar
When : 5 August 2020 -
During the MOOC, several webinars would be organized to provide a platform for an open discussion between experts and participants in which insights, ideas and concerns are shared. This webinar will be organised on the pattern of a research symposium, taking up an in-depth case study of an emerging economy/ BRICS countries. In this manner, the webinar would benefit a number of countries around the world. Specifically, the objectives of this webinar are:

• What are the main components of quality assurance system for apprenticeships in South Africa that ensures the labour market relevance of apprenticeship programs?

• How is the process to select occupations for apprenticeships aligned to the Labour Market needs?

• How are the social partners and other stakeholders involved in the design of curriculum?

• What are some of the assessment strategies and processes developed and implemented for apprenticeship qualifications?

• How is an apprenticeship registered, monitored and certificated within a quality apprenticeship system?

• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the quality assurance system?

• How the labour market relevance of apprenticeship programs be improved?

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TVET systems
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