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European Vocational Skills Week 2020

European Vocational Skills Week is one tool that can help address some of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic facing Europe’s VET community. It can provide an unrivalled forum for identifying common problems and exchanging solutions.

Type : Conference
When : 9 November 2020 - 12 November 2020
Where : Berlin
COVID-19 is having major impacts on VET, but VET is also a key part of the solutions to the problems that lockdowns and social distancing rules will bring to the economy and society. This is why we cannot give up. We need to go online to promote the value of VET as part of EVSW.

• In terms of the challenges VET faces, already we can see:
• Uncertainty about how best to deliver VET to young people and apprentices already on programmes.
• The danger of inequalities in access to VET increasing since learners vary in their access to digital devices and the internet.
• Adults in work being laid off or furloughed who are now at home.

In response, we can see VET:

• Building a base of online/distance learning experience that could be a foundation for further development.
• Taking steps to ensure all learners can access the new opportunities being put in place.
• Finding ways to support adults who are at home to develop their skills and better prepare for the post-pandemic labour market.
At the same time, everyone who works in VET is facing the challenge of finding out how best to use digital learning tools.

And it’s here that the European Vocational Skills Week can really help, by providing an unrivalled forum for identifying common problems and exchanging solutions.

To learn more and to register click on the link provided below.


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