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E-Learning course: Skills for social inclusion

Improving the labour market prospects and quality of work for those disadvantaged in the labour market is a key focus of the ILO.

Application deadline for the course: 1 June 2020.

When : 15 June 2020 - 30 August 2020
Where : Online (E-Campus)
In this course, participants learn how to contribute to the development of inclusive vocational training systems and programmes that are capable of overcoming the range of existing barriers for disadvantaged groups and individuals. This eLearning training offer is organized in close collaboration with the ILO's Employment Department, Skills and Employability Branch and Humanity & Inclusion - Handicap International and addresses those that are motivated to learn how to improve the outreach, quality and relevance of vocational training for all.

This course provides practical guidance for assessing and building inclusive TVET and skills development systems catered to a range of groups and individuals, such as women, persons with disabilities, people living in rural areas, migrant workers, and people working in the informal sector. By the end of the eLearning programme, participants will have:
• Built awareness on key concepts and benefits of social inclusion in TVET for all;
• Identified the underlying causes of inequalities, address questions of status, and challenge social perceptions;
• Learnt how to overcome existing barriers to access and participation through carefully designed policy intervention and practical measures for inclusive TVET design and delivery.

Who attends this course?
Policy-makers and technical advisors of ministries of employment/labour and education - Members of skills councils, national TVET authorities and similar institutions - Representatives of workers' and employers' organizations involved in skills development - Experts and technical staff working in the field of TVET planning and in CSOs and NGOs working with vulnerable groups - Specialized institutions from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors that are working on gender issues, informality and the integration of persons with disabilities.

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E-Learning course: Skills for social inclusion

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