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Transition to formal economy - A Global Knowledge Sharing Forum

The Employment Policy Department and ITCILO are organizing the third edition of the Global Knowledge Sharing Forum on Transition to formal economy in Turin from 25-29 November 2019.

When : 25 November 2019 - 29 November 2019
Where : Turin, Italy
The Global Knowledge Sharing Forum is organised every two years by the ILO and is a platform for open and interactive discussion between public decision-makers, social partners and institutional partners on what has worked or not on the transition processes at national, regional and global levels; as well as to identify key issues and challenges relating to enhancing the operationalization of the ILO’s recommendation on transition to formality (R204).

Six areas of research are suggested: • Transition to formality and inclusive structural transformation: the role of sectoral policies • Increased productivity of enterprises and workers they employed: what measures, conditions and what results? • Policy formulation and coordination for transition to formality: What works? • Informal economy actors’ practices and institutions: Challenges and opportunities for public policies • Skills development and lifelong learning: What now for informal economy workers? • Extending social security coverage to those in the informal economy: Paths and experiences • Organization and representation of informal economy workers and economic units: Innovative actions and tools

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Training quality and relevance
Financing training
Portability of skills and life-long learning
Anticipating future skills needs
Sectoral approaches
Access to training and skills utilization

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Turin, Italy

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