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Public Employment Programmes : Designing for sustainable development

The course addresses the achievement of economic and social development objectives through appropriate investment choices in Public Employment Programmes. If well designed, PEPs can have important economic, social and environmental multiplier effects. The course provides guidelines and tools for policy/programme development in this area.

Type : Course
When : 26 May 2019 - 30 May 2019
Where : Turin, Italy
This course targets: senior officials from government ministries and agencies; employers' and workers' organizations; public investment and employment policy advisors and project managers; research and education institutions; and donor organizations that are working on or are poised to work on public investment programmes and employment policy and strategy.

By following the course, you can expect to:

• Get a quick exposure to the SDGs and their implementation requirements;
• Acquire better understanding of how PEPs can be instrumental in achieving several SGDs;
• Get familiarized with several tools for effective public programme design and implementation at sector levels;
• Acquire knowledge of innovations and best practices of PEPs for sustainable decent work creation, including:
- Getting exposure to contracting methodologies and capacity building approaches for SMEs development and livelihoods;
- Learning from several countries’ experiences and best practices;
- Acquire insights into best practices on green works through climate change adaptation and response to natural disasters.

Enrolment deadline: 18 April 2019

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International Training Center



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International Training Center of the ILO




Labour market information and employment services

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Sustainable development
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Turin, Italy

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