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The World of Public Employment Services: Challenges, capacity and outlook for public employment services in the new world of work

Public employment services are challenged by expectations of growth, changing conditions in the labor market, and institutional contexts. An important step to meet those challenges, and to better support the strengthening and modernization of public employment services, is to generate and compile systematic information about the institutional and operational characteristics of those agencies. The availability of structured and comparable information about public employment services would make it possible to better inform dialog, activities, and technical and financial assistance initiatives regarding labor markets. Public employment services are the main executors of labor market policies, yet up until now no information about these agencies has been available at the global level.

This report aims to provide an understanding of the state of development of public employment services at the global level as well as their challenges and opportunities. Chapter four of the report focuses exclusively on how partnerships can help public employment services reduce imbalances between skill supply and demand.


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Inter-American Development Bank (IDB); World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES)



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Labour market information and employment services

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