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World Indicators of Skills for Employment (WISE) database

Established by the OECD in close collaboration with the World Bank, ETF, ILO and UNESCO, the World Indicators of Skills for Employment (WISE) database offers a “one-stop” location that can be used to create a statistical snapshot of the current status of skills development in more than 200 countries. The database is based on a cross-sectoral approach, with indicators covering the fields of education and training, employment and economic and social development. It covers both developed and developing economies, allowing them to assess their skill challenges and performance from a comparative perspective. It includes around 60 internationally comparable indicators for the period 1990 to 2014, although not all indicators are available for every country and for every year. The data are primarily extracted from the databases and repositories of international organisations, including the ILO, OECD, UNESCO, World Bank and Eurostat. A small number of indicators were constructed by the OECD from the microdata from national labour force or household surveys. Some indicators are also available by educational attainment and gender.





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