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Green jobs and related policy frameworks: An overview of the European Union

This report is part of the project titled “Social Dialogue for Green and Decent Jobs. South Africa - European Dialogue on Just Transition” that aims to bring together trade unions, employers' associations, policy makers and civil society from both South Africa and the European Union to share their respective views and suggest ideas on how to create green and decent jobs and ensure a just transition to a sustainable economy in environmental and social terms. The project focuses on sustainable development, jobs and social dialogue, renewable energy and education and training.

The report draws on the experiences of green job creation in the the European Union in recent years: employment data, EU policies, trade union and social actors inputs. It provides an overview of the European regulatory framework with respect to this theme, reviews green jobs by sector and existing research on their quality, and contains information on what social actors are currently doing to ensure a just transition to a sustainable economy.

The report emphasises that greening of the economy is a multidimensional challenge and therefore must be addressed through cross-cutting measures at the sectoral level that include targeted economic, employment and skills development policies along with industrial development, innovation and competitiveness policies.



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Sustainlabour (International Labour Foundation for Sustainable Development)

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OECD members


Europe and Central Asia

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Research papers and syntheses
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Anticipating future skills needs
Policy convergence
Participation of social partners
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Green skills
Sustainable development
trade unions
social dialogue
Skills re-training
labour policy
Policy convergence
Sectoral approaches
Skills anticipation

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European Union

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