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Skills development and lifelong learning: Resource guide for workers’ organizations

This resource guide on skills development for workers’ organizations has been developed to build the capacity and engagement of workers’ organizations in skills development and lifelong learning. In doing so it answers the following questions:

1. Why should workers’ organizations engage in the area of skills development and lifelong learning?
2. What issues affect their engagement? How do they currently engage in skills development and lifelong learning systems and processes?
3. What should their priority areas be?
4. What elements of skills development and lifelong learning require the engagement of workers’ organizations?

The guide provides examples of how workers organisations are engaged in key areas of skills systems to highlight the importance of a rights-based approach to lifelong learning. It has been designed for trainers, facilitators, ILO officials and most importantly workers' organisations themselves to strengthen the strategic role of workers' organisations and to promote skills development and lifelong learning for all through social dialogue. The guide is the result of a partnership between the Skills & Employability Branch and the Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV).





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Portability of skills and life-long learning

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