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Embracing a culture of lifelong learning

The report sets out a future-focused vision of education and demands a major shift towards a culture of lifelong learning by 2050.

The report outlines the main features of the ‘enabling environment’ needed to make lifelong learning the governing principle of education policy and to offer people opportunities to learn throughout life, whatever their background or context. It analyses the main issues that currently inhibit lifelong learning and describes what is needed to transform them into opportunities. Looking to the future, the report sets out 10 key messages, each critical for creating a culture of lifelong learning:

1. Recognize the holistic character of lifelong learning
2. Promote transdisciplinary research and intersectoral collaboration for lifelong learning
3. Place vulnerable groups at the core of the lifelong learning agenda
4. Establish lifelong learning as a common good
5. Ensure greater and equitable access to learning technology
6. Transform schools and universities into lifelong learning institutions
7. Recognize and promote the collective dimension of learning
8. Encourage and support local lifelong learning initiatives, including learning cities
9. Reengineer and revitalize workplace learning
10. Recognize lifelong learning as a human right

The report also offers specific action points for realizing this vision and suggests selected policy measures.


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