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Research on Organization and Practice of Web-based Teaching and Learning in Chinese TVET Institutions under COVID-19: A Case Study of Shenzhen Polytechnic

To help college students keep learning with classes suspended during the COVID-19 outbreak, Chinese government recommended the implementation of web-based teaching and learning.

The COVID-19 outbreak has an unprecedented impact on the way people work, live and learn. This report aims to study the situation of web-based teaching and learning in TVET institutions in China under COVID-19, and to find out the solutions, such as programs, platforms, methodology, evaluation and experiences, which can be shared with the international TVET community.


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UNESCO-UNEVOC; Shenzhen Polytechnic



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Developing countries


Asia - Pacific

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Case studies and good practices


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crisis response

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Access to training
TVET systems
Skills and training policy

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