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Skills for a greener future: a global view - Full report

Based on 32 country studies

Expanding on the ILO’s exploration of the likely job impacts by 2030 of keeping the rise in global temperature below the 2°C ceiling set by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, this is the first global study to analyse the implications of the transition to low-carbon and resource-efficient economies for skills, gender and occupations.

The main objectives of this global qualitative and quantitative analysis are to identify:
• the scale of the need for reskilling and upskilling to realize the employment potential of the transition to environmental sustainability (the “green transition”);
• changes in occupations, skills gaps and skills shortages in meeting the skills demand of the green transition;
• progress made since 2011 in the countries surveyed then in coordinating skills and environmental policy matters across ministries and between public and private sectors;
• the specific needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in adjusting to change, and effective skills policy measures to increase productivity and support a just transition.





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