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Skills for a Greener Future: Key Findings

Climate change and environmental degradation are among the greatest challenges of our times. Transition to environmental sustainability can potentially create millions of jobs but this will require bold action to invest in people’s capabilities to realize their full potential and contribute to the productivity of enterprises. Climate change and environmental degradation reduce productivity and destroy jobs, and their effects fall disproportionately on the most vulnerable. Just transition to environmental sustainability will require reskilling and upskilling of workers to reduce the risk of rising unemployment, poverty and inequality. Access to training, raising environmental awareness and climate literacy for current workers will be essential for the implementation of greener ways of production and service delivery.

The global report covers 32 countries that together account for 63 per cent of world employment, 65 per cent of global GDP and 63 per cent of CO2 emissions. It presents an expanded qualitative analysis with evidence of good practice in developed and developing countries of all income levels and quantitative estimates of occupational skills needs in two policy scenarios by 2030.





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