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ITC/ILO: Management of Vocational Training Centres

9 July 2018,   to   13 July 2018
Turin, Italy

Target audience

Policymakers and technical advisors of Ministries of Employment/Labour, Ministries of Education, Members of skills councils, national TVET authorities or similar institutions; representatives of workers' and employers' organizations involved in sectoral, regional or national skills anticipation; experts and technical staff working in the field of TVET planning.


By the end of the programme, participants will have strengthened their technical knowledge as well as their analytical and managerial capacity to improve the functioning of vocational training centres. In particular participants will have:

In particular participants will have:
• strengthened their understanding of management concepts;
• reviewed management of vocational training centers from a systemic perspective;
• examined management problems related to the different aspects of operating a vocational training center;
• analysed bottlenecks and challenges at the level of their own training centres;
• identified the main elements for an adequate and enabling environment for vocational training centres.

ITC/ILO: Skills needs anticipation and matching

16 April 2018,   to   20 April 2018
Turin, Italy

Target audience

Policy makers and technical advisors at Ministries of Employment/Labour, Ministries of Education, Members of skills councils, national TVET authorities or similar institutions; representatives of workers' and employers' organizations.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Conference 2017

7 December 2017,
Brussels, Belgium

The event will launch the new "Digital Opportunity" pilot scheme for traineeships in digital and present the European Digital Skills Awards 2017 for outstanding projects that have increased the digital skills of European citizens.

The conference will also include plenary panels on labour market transformation and host parallel workshops on digital skills for young people, reskilling the labour force, digital skills at schools and on the digitisation of industry.

The conference will stage an exhibition where winners and runners-up of the European Digital Skills Awards, as well as other digital skills best-practices, will be displayed.

The Future of Work in the Caribbean: What do we know? What do we need to know?

4 December 2017,
Institute of Critical Thinking

Introduction and rationale

The ILO and its Members have decided to implement a Future of Work Initiative that will culminate at the centennial International Labour Conference in 2019. The rationale behind the Future of Work Initiative is to reflect on the transformational changes taking place in the world of work, to understand the processes of change and to respond effectively so as to advance the shared commitment to decent work for all as reflected in the global 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and ILO’s mandate of social justice.

Against this backdrop, the ILO Decent Work Team and Office for the Caribbean together with the ILO Research Department, in partnership with the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES ) at the University of West Indies, are interested in determining the current knowledge on selected key themes - as well as research orientation in the region for the near future - with the ultimate goal of determining research gaps and address them in the most suitable way.


This consultation on the Future of Work in the Caribbean would further inform on a related and relevant research agenda. A report on the findings will contribute towards the ILO global Initiative, including a constituent meeting to be convened by the ILO in 2018. Further research initiatives would be targeted to ILO constituents (government, employers and workers) in the Caribbean. This also responds to the Conclusions of the 10th ILO Meeting of Caribbean Ministers of Labour in February 2017, to mainstream decent work in national development plans; linking research with policy making.

For additional background information on this event in addition to the Meeting Programme, click on the link below.

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