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Skills Needs Anticipation: Interview with ILO’s Olga Strietska-Ilina (Video)

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In this video ILO Skills Specialist Ms. Olga Strietska Ilina responds to the following questions: what is skills anticipation and why is it important?; what is the difference between labour market information and skill needs anticipation, and, are they the same?; what are the strengths and weaknesses of the different types of methods for developing frameworks for skills needs anticipation, and is one more appropriate than another?, and; how can the results of skills assessments and anticipation be applied?

Good practice examples of skills needs anticipation at the sectoral level based on the Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification (STED) methodology – a tool that can be applied for the analysis of skills needs in tradable sectors of any country, at any stage of economic development – are also provided in this video.

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