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Nepal: Project - Labour market information and employment services (LIfE)

This project supports the implementation of the ILO/G20 Training Strategy for strong, sustained and balanced growth.

Project dates: 22 December 2014 – 31 August 2017. The project will focus on: Public Employment Services and labour market information systems.

The project aims to implement commitments of the G20 Development Working Group in the area of human resources development by supporting target countries in designing, implementing and assessing improvements in selected building blocks of their skills development systems in order to better connect training to productive and decent work; improving the quality of employment services through strengthened client orientation and capacity building of employment service centres and their officials; improving the collection and dissemination of labour market information and skill indicators; and knowledge sharing under the ILO South-South cooperation Framework will be the core components of this project.


Bilateral organizations

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Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)



Economic Groups

Least developed countries


Asia - Pacific

Knowledge Products

Advocacy and information materials

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Project brief


Labour market information and employment services
Rural employment

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Skills and training policy
labour market
G20 Training Strategy
youth employment
rural workers
rural employment

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